Exclusive Videos: A Set Of 10 Videos For US$9.99 Only – Tiger Rides A Motorbike – 9:16 – 09


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1. Tiger Rides A Motorbike


– Title: Kodo: The Revolution. Chapter 1: The Virus

– Author: Daniel Duong

– Published date: Feb 25th, 2024

– Available on Amazon: Click here

In the year 2085, humanity became completely extinct due to the attack of a virus called Zerodoom. Other species arose and replaced humans as the masters of the world. They are no less intelligent than humans, inheriting great knowledge from their predecessors. These species developed a language, likely an arrangement of nature, and established nations in a manner similar to humans. At that time, the world was occupied by seven nations: Gorillist, Tigera, Lioniz, Beariz, Leopardia, Wolfia, and Hyania. They invented devastating tools of war.


– Number of videos: 1 set of 10 videos

– Video resolution: 4K

– Video duration: 40 seconds

– Video size: 9:16

– 11,000 AI photos (You can resell them on media platforms)

– Resell license


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